Get The Right Guidance While Setting Up Bt Email On Windows10

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Get The Right Guidance While Setting Up Bt Email On Windows10

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Here Are The Proper Steps You Can Walk Through In Order To Setup BT Email On Windows 10

BT email is one of the best, free and reliable email services that has came up with a wide variety of broadband services being used among the millions of people all across the world. Whenever you get registered for BT broadband, you will be asked to create an account. However, it is a completely secure platform you can count on. Being a web-based application, it can also be integrated with other services such as Calendar, Contacts and many more.

Add BT Mail To The Windows 10 With Optimum Ease

  • First of all, you need to install BT Mail on windows 10 and once it is installed in a proper manner, you need to add your email account and click on Manage Accounts option.
  • Now, you will be asked to select the BT account you want to get it removed.
  • Choose Delete Account option and confirm the process.
  • Afterward, you will have to close the Mail app where you will be asked to open Calendar app from the Start Menu.
  • Go to Settings and choose Manage accounts where you will have to go to add account option.
  • Opt for Advanced Setup and then you need to fill the form using various details such as Email address, Username, Password and Account name. in a proper manner.
  • Send your messages using the name you have added and click on Sign In option.
  • Now, you need to close the calendar app and access mail option.
  • Your inbox can now be used where many emails are waiting for you.

If you come across any problems with the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10, you need to try the solutions cited below in a proper manner.

  • First of all, you need to check the connectivity.
  • Apart from that, if you come across any issue during the course of sending or receiving email, just ensure that you are capable of accessing your email server anytime in a trouble free manner.
  • Now check the device you are using is well connected to internet
  • Now you will be asked to sign in to your mail account through the website and once you are done, you need to confirm that you are flawlessly able to send and receive email.
  • Now, you need to check your security software

If you are still not able to access to the BT email on Windows, it would be wise to get in touch with us where you can fetch the right solution from the certified professionals.

Get stuck with the setting of your broadband connection, just wait as our techies are there with solution to your problem. You can contact by phone and talk to live person; they will guide you the Setting Bt Email Win 10. You can get this service to fix your outgoing mail server, recover your server password and set up email on Windows 10. Also, they will tell you about mail pop3 or IMAP, what does IMAP server mean and what is your IMAP username. By taking the Setting Bt Email Win 10 service from our skilled team you will also get to know about your IMAP password.


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