How Can One Easily Setup Mail On Mac And Iphone

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How Can One Easily Setup Mail On Mac And Iphone Devices Under IMAP And POP3 Settings

Apple is one of the most popular brand among billions all across the world, well known for its cutting edge research and development process. Apple products are widely used by millions of people in order to cater to their need. IPhone smart phone, MAC personal computer, iPad tablet, Apple TV digital media player and many more apple products are being used on a large scale. Accessing emailing facility on these devices is simply perfect. Therefore, if you are looking forward to setting up mail on Mac ad iPhone devices, there are certain steps you need to follow in a proper and careful manner

For Setup Of Mail On Iphone 8, Users Need To Make Proper Use Of IMAP And POP3 Settings. Check Out How:

  • First off, you need to open Setting on your device and go to Mail, contacts and calendars.
  • Now, you need to opt for add account option where you have to choose other option.
  • Choose add mail account and once you are done, you need to enter your name, email and password.
  • Now, you will be asked to select IMAP or POP and enter username and password along with the host name.
  • Now, you have to click on Next option in order to proceed further.
  • Press ‘Yes’ option to proceed.

If your Inbox is empty lock, stock and barrel, you are making use of IMAP. For that you need to:

  • Open Settings option and choose Mail, contacts and calendars then select your account under the IMAP/POP.
  • Find advanced option by scrolling to the bottom and opt for advanced settings option.
  • Find IMAP Path where you need to enter the inbox and select Account which would be located on top right corner.
  • Select option Done in order to complete the process.

Set up IMAP/POP on IPad, IPhone or IPod:

  • If you are not using major online service provider you can setup standards-based email, calendar, contacts service you like:
  • First of all, you need to launch the settings app where you will be asked to click on mail, contact and calendar and once you are done, tap on Account option.
  • Click on Add Account and then you need to opt for the account you are looking to configure.
  • Enter your service information and after it is completed successfully, you will be asked to click on Next button which would be located in the upper right hand corner

Now, you have to verify the account and you account is ready to sync with your iPod, iPhone or iPad, with ease. Besides, if you come across any problem or have any kind of difficulty during the course of executing the steps, you are suggested to simply connect with us at anytime from anywhere as we are available around the clock with the required tools in order to help you out significantly.

If you want to know how to Set Up Email On iPhone, then just contact our customer service and get complete information about this. Our techies and well trained and will be able to answer all you query. They will understand your problem and assist you step wise to set up email on iOS 13. You can also ask them about why your email not working, emails not downloading, emails not syncing or how to refresh my email. They will also help you with set up a new email account. To get all details about Set Up Email On iPhone from the comfort of your home, you can contact us through live chat option available on our website.


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