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The New Internet Operating Features by Norton Antivirus Customer Support

The first thing you can notice about Norton Internet Security is that the program is very similar to 2010 in terms of protection and features. However, there are some changes that make Norton Internet Security more user-friendly by providing these features to the user. And even if you face any problem regarding Norton just contact us directly at provided Norton Antivirus Customer Support number and we will take care of your product.

1. Advanced Norton Insight feature

When installing new programs on your computer, Norton Internet Security checks each of these programs for the source and location of the resource and compares the data to the 58 million Norton community user's database. With this comparison test, Norton can determine whether the program you are trying to install is suspicious or causes problems for other users.

2.New Norton sonar function

Norton Internet Security provides advanced detection of suspicious objects with Norton Sonar, a feature of the program that continuously and intelligently detects suspicious software behavior and automatically protects it when necessary. This feature can also be manually adjusted for sensitivity and aggression using the Norton UI settings.

3.Browse social networking sites

Norton Internet Security does not offer a range of scanning options, including full scans, quick scans, and even special computer scans. You can now search for suspicious or malicious links on social networking sites like Facebook. Each of these controls can be set to run automatically. Optionally, optional tests can be performed.

4.Other new features

Norton Internet Security 2011 now offers a recovery tool that identifies not only CD and DVD drives, but also USB devices. This is particularly convenient and necessary for users using devices such as netbooks that do not include optical drives.

Norton Internet Security provides not only the latest technology to detect and remove viruses, but also features that distinguish them from their competitors. To prevent children from accessing certain websites, you will find a parental control and identity protection tool to protect you and your confidential information, regardless of your internet usage.

5. Technical Support

The support you receive with Norton Internet Security 2011 is second to none and matches to other Norton reports you to see here. The user interface provides easy access to e-mail and chatting support, a list of frequently asked questions, and a user manual to help you troubleshoot problems. Norton Antivirus Support Number is also available. However, many users find it difficult to access phone support.

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Benefits of Availing provided Norton Antivirus Customer Support Services from us directly

Norton Antivirus was developed and deployed by Symantec Corporation. Protects against malware and removes it during subscription. Uses heuristic scans and signatures to detect viruses. According to the Norton Antivirus Customer Support, other features include phishing protection and spam filters for e-mails. The new and latest version 12.1 is the only version that is fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion. Using this product helps users get Norton technical support.

1. Understanding Norton Antivirus Support Number

Norton Antivirus Support Number usually refers to a configuration, updating, enabling, updating, installing, or uninstalling on a computer. However, using this problem also causes other problems. This can be a problem after installation, making it easy to scan, connect to the Internet, download and update Windows, and connect the software. Norton Technical Support can help you troubleshoot email and Internet problems. You can even repair Windows Firewall settings, send e-mail, connect to the Internet, and so on. Also provides troubleshooting services.

2. The role of online computer support

If the troubleshooting steps you should follow do not follow the instructions of Norton Technical Expert and you still receive error messages, contact Online Computer Support. In addition to supporting Norton, this really helps. These are technical service providers that offer online computer support. These experts have experience and experience in troubleshooting to provide remote access to your computer system and to solve IT problems.

3. Norton Anti-Virus Help

We see rapid growth and rapid development of information technology. You are encouraged to question the safety of these latest technologies. These threats include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malware, phishing, spyware, and so on. Located. Norton's antivirus software protects your computer system and all of the above threats. Norton Anti-Virus Use Norton Anti-Virus to provide you with the highest level of security. Norton Antivirus Customer Support provides Help, all settings, configuration, PC compatibility, setup, removal, activation, troubleshooting, etc. This PC antivirus program is very popular with computer users. You can use Norton technical support.

4. Other antivirus support companies

You can find various technical support companies on the Internet today. They provide technical support not only for Norton but also for other commercially available antivirus software. Your online technology experts provide remote support, installation, configuration, and activation of the software on your computer. To use seamlessly and smoothly at any time of the day, you only need to pay a minimum period.

For assistance call us the provided Norton Antivirus Customer Support

Feel free to contact our team for immediate assistance and assistance under Norton Antivirus Support Number. We work as highly reliable and reliable providers providing the best service to all users. We also provide 24/7 technical support for all your issues and problems with Norton Antivirus.

Getting issues with your Norton antivirus, don’t worry, we are here to assist you with all your query with Norton Antivirus Support UK. You will get complete support from our team on contacting costumer support by phone. To avoid your devices being hacked by the hackers, renew your antivirus at regular intervals. You can also provide security phone number registered to your antivirus instead of renewing to protect from hackers. Also, you can cancel your subscription and get a refund on call. Just dial our toll-free number of Norton Antivirus Support UK to contact us for resolving all your queries regarding to Norton.


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